All of my sculptures are original, handmade items, so you will need to contact me before I can give you the real price. The prices listed here are examples. Some things that will affect the price are; size, amount of detail (like stripes or spots), sometimes the breed or animal requested.

If you know what size miniature you'd want, please let me know it along with other requests when making the order. But in some cases I may need to suggest different size. For example animals with long, thin legs (like a giraffe or many racing hounds) need to be bigger so I can make strong enough legs for them if you want them standing.

Please allow me atleast 1-2 weeks to complete your order. I can give you estimated date when receiving your order. Let me know if you need it before certain date.

. . . I would prefer you use Etsy to complete your order and payment so you can give me feedback and let other possible buyers know what you think of me and my work . . .

With bigger orders (above 3 items or 100 EUR) I might ask you to pay little advance. But usually you don't need to pay until I have finish making the item and you are happy with it. You can pay through once I give you the link to private listing with your item.
Or you can choose to pay directly with PayPal.

I'll ship the items after receiving the whole payment. The minis are usually packed in minigrip bag, and the bag inside carton box (saved from tea, cookies, candy, micro popcorn, haircolors and the likes). Don't worry, the boxes are clean. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. You can choose 1st class OR standard shipping, depending if you want faster or cheaper.

Tell me your vision / wishes , or just give me freedom to make what inspires me.

Here are few things to consider :
- size of the mini
- pose (sitting, standing, headtilt?)
- small accessories? (favorite toy, collar, hat/tiara?)

PHOTOS: Include atleast one clear photo reference of the animal you want me to make.
Then I can tell you if I can make it, how long it would take, and what it would cost.
I'll ask for more photos if needed. I will need good, clear photo of the face, also photo that shows whole body, and additional photos from different sides if the animal has unique fur patterns.

Google can help if you don't know how much cm and EUR is.
For example, enter in Google search "10 EUR in USD".
But you can also ask me to use inches and USD when replying to your messages.